Open Standards, Open Source Funds, Open Source Mobile: my conversations, actions and conferences 12-01-2008

Ten challenges and priorities for free and open source in 2008 – Bob Sutor (via Raven Zachary) set his priorities. In my opinion both IBM and Microsoft are not addressing the real issue behind open standards: we urge to establish a certification body, on duty to certify standards compliance.

Italian Open Source funds: the open letter – My buddy Flavia Marzano posted on our letter to the Minister for the Innovation in the Public Administration Luigi Nicolais, maybe I’ll get a chance to give him the letter at the QualiPSo conference, in Rome.

The Implication of Microsoft’s Open Source like Strategy for Software Developers -  Next March on the 12th I’ll give a speech at OSIM USA – The World’s Largest Forum for Mobile Linux and Open Source – talking of Microsoft’s strategy and vision on open source. Stay tuned!

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