Open Source Strategies, Open Source Personalities, Ubuntu Documentation, SugarCRM CEO interview: links 28-12-200

Giving and Taking – Digium’s strategy on licensing unleashed.
A community approach to commercial training materials – Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu’s approach to create training materials.

Why do projects fail in large enterprises? -James McGovern says open source projects work better than outsourcing because they have better acceptance criteria. I definitely agree.

Interviewing Brian McCallister on Ning, OpenSocial, and Apache ShindigBrian McCallister proposed Apache Shindig as an open source OpenSocial incubator, the interview.

SugarCRM CEO John Roberts: On-Demand Dynamics Are Changing – John Robert’s interview, it is worth reading.

On JBoss, IBM Linux, FUD and the “Real Roy Russo”more James Governor’s thoughts on the importance of open source hackers, and more.

The risks of open source focus – Alex Fletcher on what it means to be an open source/proprietary company.