Android at FOM, Open Source Marketing, Nagios gets commercial support: links 10-11-2007

Google to speak about Android and OHA at the Future of Mobile Event – good news, I am in London this week and I won’t miss the opportunity.

Nagios creator launches commercial support businessMatthew Aslett at 451 CAOS talks about upcoming Nagios commercial support. Nagios Enterprises is born, great news! Read also Ethan Gastald post.

Funambol challenges iPhone lock with open source app – Dana skeptical about open source gaining a significant foothold on Apple’s phones. I agree.

Open Source Marketing ListSandro Groganz started a wiki on the subject. Meme: ask Italo Vignoli to tell everybody about the Italian marketing case: 320 published articles, only in September!

Certified Open: Welcome to life after ICT lock-in – FSFE partners with Open Forum?! I would like to ask Georg Greve which is the idea behind this partnership..