Open Source Hardware, Intalio hiring, Open Social Initiative: links 5-11-2007

First Pics of Bug Labs Open-Source Hardware – TechCrunch on a new open source hardware platform, by Bug Labs. Glyn Moody while thinking open source hardware is an oxymoron, enjoys the modular approach of Bug Labs platform.

Junior TelesalesIsmael Ghalimi of the office 2.0 fame invites junior to join Intalio.

Where the data does live?John Dowdell (adobe) and Kevin Marks (google) argue about the real meaning of the Open Social Initiative (read Marc Andreessen’s post about it). If I got it right it’s a programming model, not the ultimate answer to the bill of right for users of the social web.

Linux Fundamentalism -  Harry J Foxwell answers a Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall‘s rant against OpenSolaris.  I look at the OpenSolaris with great interest: Solaris’s commercial partnerships make a difference. should learn from OpenSolaris.

US Government Adopting Open Source by Degrees -  A Computerworld article, reported by Steve Holden, shows that a survey by the Federal Open Source Alliance indicates that more than half the US government’s agencies are making use of open source software.

FireGPG Version 0.4.4 – Version 0.4.4 has been just released. encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify the signature of text in any web page using GnuPG and your favorite browser.