Open Source Hires: Xwiki looking for a VP Marketing Manager

XWiki, a French company aimed to bring open source wiki to the enterprise who recently won a prize for its XWiki Watch, is looking for a VP Marketing Manager.

now hiring now hiring, by Zach Klein

XWiki has an open position for a VP Marketing Manager based in Paris, France. Company’s objective is to complete their team with a experienced Software/Web marketing specialist, with an understanding of the Open Source industry.

XWiki looks for you, a person able to:

  • challenge them from the user standpoint,
  • leverage your usage experience of collaborative and web 2.0 tools,
  • bring your experience with international markets,
  • grow with the company, with entrepreneurial spirit.

Ludovic Dubost, XWiki CEO, said:

We aim to extend our reach beyond of France where we have build our customer base towards Europe and the USA where we have already clients (Curriki in the US) and many open source users. Our objective is to build parternships and offer our services in these markets.

Want to apply?

About XWiki.

XWiki is an open source Company building XWiki, the open source second generation Wiki providing a collaborative web application developement platform on top of the Wiki concept. XWiki sells support services, trainings, consulting as well as packaged products built on top of the platform (XE, XEM, XWiki Watch, Chronopolys, Nearbee, etc). XWiki innovates with research projects like XWiki Concerto and Nepomuk.

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