Open Source Links: 18-07-2007

Disappointed: Nick Gall of Gartner – James McGovern wonders why at Gartner don’t spend time answering his questions. My guess is that they are not (yet) deeply into the ‘blog thing’, because if they had a look at their popularity James’s blog pops up as one of the most authoritative pointing to them.

Office 2.0 Conference Website Now Live – The upcoming Office 2.0 Conference is now live, attendee registration are open by now.
blogging is dead, long live communicating – Luis Villa says that most discussions about blogging would be much better off if we analyzed ‘communication that is public, searchable and persistent’ instead of ‘blogging’. I totally agree.

We need an Open Service Definition – People at GNOME (Havoc Pennington’s blog) is thinking to to protect our private data, , but the same definition could reward also services which use and promote open knowledge. Interesting issue.

Will Oracle Buy Red Hat or BEA? – Savio plays Nostradamus and predicts that Oracle will not buy Red Hat. Oracle may buy BEA. Read his post to know why.

Managing backup of MySQL via iPhone – Whether it makes sense or not, Zamanda presented to a couple of their customers a solution to manage MySQL backups via iPhone, read the use case.

Can’t buy me (OOXML) love in Italy – Bob Sutor enjoyed Carlo Piana’s post “OOXML does not buy its way in Italy“, and he posed also a question: is whether a large company with a lot of money and business partners will essentially be able to stack committees so that they are out of balance and therefore buy an ISO standard? I am afraid that the whole ISO standardization process lost some sense, the ultimate result of the File Format War might be just invalidate the process owner itself..

Talend raises $3.5m in Series B funding round – Raven Zachary tells us about the Talend 2nd round.

Funambol is a 2007 AO 100 Top Company – Fabrizio got listed in the AO 100 Top Companies, congratulations!

Gartner, Open Source, and Microsoft Seth keeps posting on the subject, he simply can’t resist! 😉