OpenClovis benefiting from open source business model?

OpenClovis Inc., provider of the omonimous commercial off-the-shelf application service platform for the telecommunications industry, yesterday announced that the company ended calendar year with more than 200 percent revenue growth.

Budhraja, OpenClovis’s CEO, said:

“The introduction of the open source business model has been a tremendous success as experienced by our customers and partners, with more than 3,500 downloads of OpenClovis Application Service Platform and more than 700 registrants in the open source community. The phenomenal success of the open source model has been realized by customers, partners and the industry at large.”

OpenClovis in october launched new open source projects that aim to provide high availability and carrier grade capabilities for the telecommunications industry, and Kaj Arno, vice president of open source community relations for MySQL AB, applauded the initiative saying:

Open source has become a proven method for meeting these challenges, and we applaud OpenClovis’ outreach to the open source telecom world.

Dave Rosenmberg on May was wondering if while network equipment providers and telco equipment manufacturers are working on cost structures evaluating COTS it wouldn’t be good time to enter the market with open source middleware.

It’s still to early to judge OpenClovis move, and while their customers page is growing I would like to know more about how are they coping with the open source community and if they’re already benefiting of it.