Open Source Insurance firm looks for cases

Firms offering open source insurance compliance take advantage of the absence of a corporate actor, delivering services for many if not all packages. Their business model might be considered “horizontal”, as opposite to the classical (vertical) business model, where a firm offers every kind of services for a single package/distribution.
Recently a firm offering Open Source Insurance sent an email to mailing-lists about FLOSS saying:

Has anyone seen any recent (or any at all) analysis of losses due to Open Source violations? I’m looking for something that would put some estimated dollars on cases such as D-Link, Linksys, etc.

As friend of the Italian chapter of the Free Software Foundation Europe I reported some GPL violations in the past, and what I learn from the very beginning is that FSF’s actions to enforce the GPL are conducted by confidential discussions, as far as possible. The reason is simple: private negotiations cost much less, and get to a better cooperation.

On the other side I understand the point of view of the insurance company, you can’t charge an high price for a risk with limited documented history of losses. I warmly suggest them to have a look at the website, originally founded by Harald Welte., which last post about GPL violations is a must-read for all.

Since suspected violations requires a bit of work, and very often the FSF conduct many investigations at a time, they might be open to a collaboration.

Why don’t they give it a try?

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