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ODF Plugfest, the Final Agenda is on line!

The ODF Plugfest final agenda is on line, and few Italian speakers will talk on the first day, Monday 2nd of November.

Fabio Pistella - President of the Italian National Center for ICT in Public Administrations (CNIPA) – will welcome attendees. Later I will give my opening talk on “open standards and interoperability”, and at 11 am Stefano Paggetti – Director of Umbria’s consortium for IT in local public administrations (SIR) – will talk about the regional law that favors adherence to open standards and how local public administrations look at interoperability issues.

See you there!

OpenOffice.org and ODF Plugfest Conference 2009

Two days ago in Orvieto we announced that in two weeks the open source and open standards world will converge in Orvieto (Italy). The second ODF Plugfest (2-3 Nov) will open the week, bringing together implementors and stakeholders from all over the world to work together on ODF interoperability.

The OpenOffice.org 2009 conference (4-6 Nov) – organized by PLIO association and Orvieto LUG – has a very rich program, including specific sessions aimed at schools and at OOo development.

odf plugfest logo

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Second ODF Plugfest: Everyone is invited!

The second ODF Plugfest will eventually take place in Orvieto (Italy) on the 2nd and 3rd of November, and I want to personally thank all people who helped to make my dream a reality. The event will be held at  the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Di Orvieto and everyone is invited (below the original invitation).

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OpenOffice.org Conference 2009: is Orvieto’s Time!

OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2009 will be held in Orvieto (Italy). This year OOoCon rules are changed, the community awarded not just OOoCon 2009, but also OOoCon 2010, that will be held in Budapest (Hungary).

The OpenOffice.org Conference Team, following a community consultation process, awarded Orvieto, a clear favourite with 48% of the votes. Budapest was second with 29%.

People intersting in attending OOoCon 2009 are invited to subscribe to the OOoCon 2009 mailing list. To subscribe to the list, please send a blank email to ooocon2009_discuss-subscribe@marketing.openoffice.org.

OpenOffice.org Conference 2009: Time to Vote!

OpenOffice.org Annual Conference 2009 will be held in one of the following locations: Alexandria (Egypt),Budapest (Hungary), Guwahati (India), Orvieto (Italy), Quezon City (Philippines), Reykjavik (Iceland), Riga (Latvia).
OOoCon 2008 has been held in Beijing, read the details of each venue carefully and vote for the ‘right’ one: Ovieto! The voting closes on Friday 27th, vote it now!