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The Open Source Road Ahead – About Put an End to Vendor Lock-in

OSI logoFew days after my blog post about OSI’s possible future,  OSI wrote a second statement on the CPTN transaction, somehow reaffirming my concerns about a maybe too narrowed view on software patents. Now that even Groaklaw gave up with software patents  - rightly in my opinion – leaving it to IT giants and patent-trolls, will OSI fight software patents as a whole?

While waiting to understand how OSI will behave in this respect, we might move on other topics, like how OSI could fulfill its mission.

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OSI: The Open Source Road Ahead

Having been interviewed recently, among other topics, about my take on how FSF and OSI might rethinking their roles in the next future, I want to share some thoughts around how OSI could move in the years to come.

OSI logoChanging OSI is now possible, and I am personally taking the chance by joining the OSI Governance working group, chaired by Simon Phipps. While the  future governance of the OSI is still under discussion, here I’d like to throw some ideas around on what OSI could do about things like raising funds, software patents and “Open Core”.

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Open Source Webinar: GPL3 Top Issues, by BlackDuck

Tomorrow at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT will take place the “Unraveling the Complexities of the GPL” Webinar. Mark Radcliffe (DLA Piper) and Karen Copenhaver (Choate, Hall and Stewart) will cover the three main issues regarding GPL license use and obligations:

- What constitutes a derivative work?

- What constitutes a separate and independent work?

- What constitutes distribution?

The webinar won’t cover the basics of GPL.

Open Source Books: “Intellectual Property and Open Source”, by Van Lindberg

Whil reviewing books for the Jolt Awards, I have been reading the “Intellectual Property and Open Source” book, published by O’Reilly and authored by Van Lindberg. A book meant to be a developer’s documentation for the legal system, potentially able to serve different audiences, IT managers included.

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Open Source Governance: State of the Art and Lesson Learnt in Italy (part III)

The lack of open source vision by the Italian government, along with attention paid by Obama to open source, brought my attention back to the importance Open Source Governance.

I want to strive for open source adoption by national and local governments. I want to take the opportunity here to share some thoughts about why a FOSS governance is needed, and how we could accomplish the goal to use open source software to develop innovative initiatives.

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