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Open Source Acquisitions: How a Caterpillar turns into a Butterfly

open source caterpillarBlack Duck has changed a lot over the last years – recent acquisitions include SpikeSource, Ohloh and today Olliance – and its offer now goes definitely beyond the legal landscape.

One of the first Commercial Open Source entries enlisted Black Duck among open source players taking advantage of the absence of a corporate actor to develop and offer new services not coding related.

Black Duck was an intellectual property management firm, OSRM was providing warranty services, SpikeSource was offering software dependability services and OpenLogic was providing support for a number of open source packages. Continue reading

Upcoming Open Source Webibernars: BlackDuck, OTRS, Red Hat

Platform as a Service: Beyond the Hype, Towards Practical Solutions for the Cloud – Randy Heffner, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research will cut through the hype surrounding Cloud computing with practical advice. Registrants will get a copy of the report “Top Priority For Cloud Planning: Integrate Cloud Computing Into Existing Architecture Strategies“.
Tuesday, September 21 2010, 10:00 am EDT

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Open Source Adoption in Italian Public Administrations: Some Real Cases

As mentioned in a previous postForumPA - the greatest Italian event of and about Public Administration – asked me to chair the only open source conference taking place in the event.

Italian and international speakers provided the audience with an insight into how to effectively deploy open source software in a significant way.

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European Open Source Procurement Guidelines: How Do you Like Them?

Talking about Alfresco’s business strategy I happened to mention that the European open source observatory released guidelines for open source procurement.

The OSOR guideline draws on the extensive analysis conducted by the Dutch government’s OSOSS in 2005, followed by a guide published later by the successor organization to the OSOSS program (Netherlands Open in Verbinding).

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Open Source Case Study and Open Source Governance

The OSOR Case Studies section this month covers Grosseto’s OpenPortalGuard eID system. The case study tells the story about an Italian case of excellence, started in 2003 when  the Italian government decided to introduce eID cards. Grosseto, to acquire an eID-based access control system for its ICT infrastructure, applied a rigorous open source strategy, aiming to cut implementation and operational costs.

Is it a sustainable choice for small public administrations?

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Open Source Offering: Facts, Fear and Affirmative Action

Open Source Offering in Italy: an Analysis of an evolving Sector” conference follow-up are addressed by Stefano Micelli on first draft blog. Stefano brings me in because of something I said at the conference, commenting a research finding saying that small firms tend not to partner with other firms.

Affirmative action is needed to enable “lucrative coopetition“, in order to reduce R&D costs and foster innovation?

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Italian Open Source Offering: System Integrators and the Open Source Opportunity Workshop

In addition to hold workshops, and presenting or keynoting at conferences, I give private speeches at companies, talking about open source business models, Italian open source offering and how to build an effective commercial open source strategy.

Earlier this week I was invited speaker at one of the biggest Italian system integrators, and I want here to take a chance to recap some highlights and few answering questions from the audience.

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Open Source Governance: Black Duck keeps Quacking, an interview with Tim Yeaton

Black Duck Software, the intellectual property management firm headquartered near Boston with offices in San Francisco, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong – announced the release of the Black Duck Suite, a unified framework bringing together three Black Duck products (Black Duck Code Center, Export and Protex).

Black Duck ‘s survey conducted among software developers gathered at the SD West Conference held this week in Santa Clara (California),  revealed little awareness about compliance, security and management problems. Actually those issues are addressed by Black Duck products and services, and I asked Tim Yeaton, one of the new CEO met at the open source think tank last week, to tell how he sees the market changing and how Black Duck strategy fits in the big picture.

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