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Apache Incubator: Extraordinary Made Ordinary, the Subversion case

Few days ago Subversion has been submitted to the Apache Incubator, a move praised by many as the natural fit for both projects, both for technical reasons (Apache projects use Subversion, Subversion relies on many Apache projects) and a shared vision about IP (same license) and community governance (same voting process).

Bill Portelli, Collabnet CEO, and Justin Erenkrantz,  Apache Software Foundation President, answered few questions aimed at better  understanding if and at which extent this is a win-win move. Let’s start from the corporate side.

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Open Source Service Management: RiverMuse’s Community Building Process

RiverMuse – a company established in 2008 by the original founders of Micromuse  and RiverSoft - at the end of July announced the availability of RiverMuse Open Source Fault Management, a fault management platform designed to be extensible via pluggable modules.

Phil Blades - VP Products & Community at RiverMuse – told me more about their open source vision.

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Open Source Business Strategy: Feedback on the Beekeeper Model Revisited

James DixonPentaho Chief Technology Officer – about two years ago wrote the “Beekeeper model“, telling the word about how open source firms writing the majority of the code make business.

Now James released the first draft of the new version asking for comments, and I am glad to give him some feedback again.

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Open Source Offering: Facts, Fear and Affirmative Action

Open Source Offering in Italy: an Analysis of an evolving Sector” conference follow-up are addressed by Stefano Micelli on first draft blog. Stefano brings me in because of something I said at the conference, commenting a research finding saying that small firms tend not to partner with other firms.

Affirmative action is needed to enable “lucrative coopetition“, in order to reduce R&D costs and foster innovation?

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Italian Open Source Offering: System Integrators and the Open Source Opportunity Workshop

In addition to hold workshops, and presenting or keynoting at conferences, I give private speeches at companies, talking about open source business models, Italian open source offering and how to build an effective commercial open source strategy.

Earlier this week I was invited speaker at one of the biggest Italian system integrators, and I want here to take a chance to recap some highlights and few answering questions from the audience.

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Open Source Mobile: Funambol’s Differences between Community and Carrier Editions

On my way back from the Open Source Think Tank I met my friend Fabrizio Capobianco at his office in Reedwood city, and he took the chance to show me his new MobileWe portal, the Funambol’s version of  Apple’s MobileMe.

Funambol business model has always intrigued me, and I asked Fabrizio more about how Funambol manages the difference between the community edition and the carrier edition.

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