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ODF Plugfest, the Final Agenda is on line!

The ODF Plugfest final agenda is on line, and few Italian speakers will talk on the first day, Monday 2nd of November.

Fabio Pistella - President of the Italian National Center for ICT in Public Administrations (CNIPA) – will welcome attendees. Later I will give my opening talk on “open standards and interoperability”, and at 11 am Stefano Paggetti – Director of Umbria’s consortium for IT in local public administrations (SIR) – will talk about the regional law that favors adherence to open standards and how local public administrations look at interoperability issues.

See you there!

OpenOffice.org and ODF Plugfest Conference 2009

Two days ago in Orvieto we announced that in two weeks the open source and open standards world will converge in Orvieto (Italy). The second ODF Plugfest (2-3 Nov) will open the week, bringing together implementors and stakeholders from all over the world to work together on ODF interoperability.

The OpenOffice.org 2009 conference (4-6 Nov) – organized by PLIO association and Orvieto LUG – has a very rich program, including specific sessions aimed at schools and at OOo development.

odf plugfest logo

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ODF Plugfest: Working in Progress

The ODF Plugfest is a series of events bringing together implementors and stakeholders of OASIS OpenDocument Format/ISO 26300 to test standards conformance and discuss ODF implementation issues.

Until the first ODF Plugfest,  vendors were not asked to prove that their software products meet open standardsspecifications, and declarations of conformity was a self-certification process. Now everything is changed, and ODF implementors and stakeholders work together aiming at true interoperability.

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ODF Interoperability: Rough Consensus and Running Code

Rajiv Shah and Jay Kesan wrote the paper “running code as part of an open standards policy” arguing that the “running code” requirement – i.e. multiple independent, interoperable implementations of an open standard – should be part of governments’ open standards policies.

Last week the Dutch government hosted the first ODF plugfest: creators, implementors and end-users met up to improve OpenDocument interoperability for real, and it worked out well.

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OpenOffice.org Italian Association Welcomes Microsoft ODF Natively Support

The Italian OpenOffice.org Association (PLIO), welcomes the fact that  Microsoft Office 2007  now natively support the Open Document Format, the file format for electronic office documents originally developed by Sun within OpenOffice.org and now ISO standard.

The association one year ago welcomed Microsoft’s decision to support ODF.

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