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Upcoming Open Source Webinars: Coverity, GroundWork, Tungsten

Stamp Out Costly Security Defects in Software Development – Webinar to learn about real-world best practices for addressing security in development, with Robert Seacord of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Michael White, Professional Services Engineer at Coverity
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Open Source Licensing, Value Configuration and Key Activities

How open source licensing’s decisions are taken depend on legal issues, business strategies and costs structure.

IP lawyers as well as specialized firms are probably happy to help with the first ones, but let’s talk about the implications in the area of Value Configuration and Key activities looking at some real cases (Day Software, MySQL).

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Open Source Think Tank 2010: Registrations are Open!

Olliance Group, the open source strategy firm, is organizing the 5th Annual Think Tank that will be held at the Meritage Resort in Napa (California) on April 15-17.

If you never got a chance to join the Open Source Think Tank, the leading invitation-only commercial open source brainstorm and networking conference, get a gist of what you can hear, below an excerpt of my notes from the 4th Open Source Think Tank.

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Open SQL Camp Europe 2009, 22-23 August, Sankt Augustin (Germany)

The European edition of the OpenSQLCamp 2009, will take place in Sankt Augustin (Germany) on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd within the Free and Open Source Conference 2009 – the German conference now in its fourth year.

The goal of this event is to spread the word about the vibrant communities and large ecosystems around Open Source Databases and to educate the attendees about what alternatives exist to commercial databases. Continue reading

MySQL Open Source Heroes Leave Sun

Mårten Gustaf Mickosformerly MySQL CEO and now open source strategist at Sun until the end of Sun’s fiiscal 3rd quarter 2009 – and Ulf Michael Videnius (aka Monty) – MySQL co-founder and CTO, now driving the development of Maria, the new storage engine Maria – both quit Sun Microsystems.

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MySQL Scaling Options, Scaling a PHP Application, Reducing ECM Costs: Open Source Webinars links 06-01-2009

Scaling Up, Out or Virtually with MySQLIvan Zoratti, Sales Engineering Director for MySQL EMEA, will help you to understand which of the MySQL scaling options is best likely to meet your needs. The webinar will take place on Thursday, January 15th 2009.

WEBINAR: Scaling a PHP Application – This Zend presentation will focus on PHP software design techniques, and tools and software that help in building a high throughput. The Webinar will take place on January 28th 2009.

Reduce Your ECM Costs by 90% – This Alfresco webinar will review publicly available pricing information, and look at the cost of a typical basic system. The Webinar will take place on January 15th 2009.

Open Source Acquisitions: Sun, MySQL Merger. Open Source Sinergy?

While Sun Microsystems was buying MySQL for $1 billion, Rome was guesting the international conference “Boosting innovation and growth by fostering Open Source Software trust and quality”, organized by the EC funded project QualiPSo.

Having the conference among its key themes defining business models to facilitate the use of OSS in the industry, the “Business models and strategies” session – run on the 17th of January, one day after the acquisition – was definitely the right place to ask forum speakers about the deal.

I asked the panelists an opinion about the largest open source software deal ever, and Björn Lundell, chairman of the Open Source Sweden, an industrial Swedish Open Source Association, congratulated with Mårten Mickos, expressing a positive opinion on the deal for the open source market. Basically the first round of impressions was spent to congratulate with the hero of the day. At that point I posed a specific question about the distribution channel, asking them how the merge operation could affect it.

Cédric Thomas, CEO of the OW2 Consortium, said that every small firm, open or not, at a certain point has to find its way to the market, and probably it was great time for MySQL to get sales and financial backing to better deploy its value. On the same line of thought was also Jean-Noel de Galzain, CEO of Wallix.

I was quite disappointed by the fact that none was mentioning how the Sun’s distribution channel is organized by now, and I asked the Forrester’s analyst to tell something about how Sun’s open source business model could change.

Diego Lo Giudice, Principal Consultant at Forrester, said that he couldn’t anticipate Sun’s press releases on the subject, but talking about business models he stated that it’s all about making money, and a check of 1 billion it’s a lot of money!

Talking about open source business models many people and also analysts mention only specific aspects, like licensing, paying little attention on how pieces of the business fit (or not) together. The result is that the company’s strategy, or how a specific firm differentiates itself and deals with the competition, is not effectively described, neither understood.

Last week during the Sun Partner Advantage Executive Summit, organized to share with top partners Sun’s vision for growth, Jonathan Schwartz early morning on the 16th of January sent a physical letter to all partners:

Good morning! It is my extreme pleasure to start your day with some truly exciting news.

Earlier this morning, Sun made a strategic mode designed to provide myriad opportunities for partners and the market at large. We announced our intention to acquire MySQL AB, one of the world’s fastest-growing and most popular databases. [..]

Sun and its partners soon will enjoy unprecedented access to a massive new set of customers. In short, the MySQL database is deployed across every major operating system, hardware platform, geography, industry and application type, and we are committed to working with you to help it gain even greater relevance in the marketplace.

What’s more, we think our operational, sales and financial backing, along with our global services strength, will enhance MySQL’s value proposition to customers by giving them peace of mind to deploy it at scale enterprise — on whichever platforms they so choose.

Anil Gadre later discussed the news with partners, and I would have liked to attend to. While it is pretty clear that Sun is consolidating its position as the largest open source contributor, it is still unclear how Sun’s partners will eventually take advantage of a new set of customers in the database arena. Looking at how MySQL is doing business now, and who and how add value to the ‘M’ in LAMP all over the world, I see many unanswered questions on the table.

Open Source Franchising or not, Sun has to work a lot with its channel to make this move worth well more than the price paid.