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Open Source Licensing Nirvana

Over the last weeks Alfresco, Sonatype and WaveMaker made their own decisions about licensing.

Alfresco went LGPL, Sonatype – a company with a strong Apache background – for the very first time decided to release some code under GPL, while WaveMaker dumping the AGPL in favor of Apache.

Let’s have a closer look at how – and if – these changes reflect new business directions.

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Open Source Webinars: Alfresco, MindTouch, OpenLogic

SIDE, graphical tools for Alfresco developers – The webinar will show how to use SIDE graphical environment to build an Alfresco application. SIDE, which stands for Sustainable IDE, is an open source project (GPL v3) founded by BlueXML, software publisher and technological Alfresco partner. You will find more information on Bluexml and SIDE on their websites.
December 08 2009 12:00 AM EST

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Open Source Adoption in Italian Public Administrations: Some Real Cases

As mentioned in a previous postForumPA - the greatest Italian event of and about Public Administration – asked me to chair the only open source conference taking place in the event.

Italian and international speakers provided the audience with an insight into how to effectively deploy open source software in a significant way.

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Open Source ECM: Alfresco Business Strategy

Alfresco meetup for community and customers took place here in Rome two weeks ago, featuring both John Newton and John Powell, respectively Alfresco CTO and CEO.

I asked few questions to John Powell, learning more about Alfresco licensing story, and about differences between Alfresco Enterprise Edition and Alfresco Labs.

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MySQL Scaling Options, Scaling a PHP Application, Reducing ECM Costs: Open Source Webinars links 06-01-2009

Scaling Up, Out or Virtually with MySQLIvan Zoratti, Sales Engineering Director for MySQL EMEA, will help you to understand which of the MySQL scaling options is best likely to meet your needs. The webinar will take place on Thursday, January 15th 2009.

WEBINAR: Scaling a PHP Application – This Zend presentation will focus on PHP software design techniques, and tools and software that help in building a high throughput. The Webinar will take place on January 28th 2009.

Reduce Your ECM Costs by 90% – This Alfresco webinar will review publicly available pricing information, and look at the cost of a typical basic system. The Webinar will take place on January 15th 2009.

Open Source CMS books: Alfresco Developer Guide

Alfresco Developer Guide,” yet another book from Packt, written by Jeff Potts, Director of ECM practice at Optaros and winner of the Alfresco’s 2007 Community Contributor award.

Jeff’s first book is aimed at tomorrow’s Alfresco developers, introducing them to tools and skills required to implement Alfresco-based solutions, how to define custom content model, advanced workflows and much more.

Customizing and extending Alfresco becomes a step-by-step discovery, bringing you to deploy Alfresco throughout your own organization just following the examples. You will learn also things like using the jBPM jPDL designer, or implementing a Single Sign-On using CAS from JA-SIG.