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About Harvesting External Innovation at SourceForge

adms.sw logoLast year on behalf of SourceForge I joined the ADMS Software Working Group, an EU initiative aimed at describing software artifacts developed by or for public administrations to increase its sharing and reuse potential.

In order to help the project we contributed our Trove categorization system to classify projects under a Creative Commons license, so that it could be used and expanded.

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Upcoming Open Source Webinars: Palamida, PushToTest, XBLR US

Your Guide To The Future with Open Source Testing – Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder at PushToTest, will discuss the current and future product roadmaps for Open Source Testing, including Selenium, Sahi, soapUI, TestMaker, HtmlUnit, Jasper Reports, and dozens of test tools. Frank will show how these tools hang together in the product roadmap plans for TestMaker 6 and 7.
September 20, 2011 from 9:00 am PDT Continue reading

Upcoming Open Source Webinars: Linux Foundation, OpenStack, Sangoma

OpenStack™ – The Open-Source Future of Cloud Computing – In this awareness webcast, learn how:

  • Prevents vendor lock-in
  • Increases flexibility in deployment for a highly elastic commodity cloud
  • Offers a bigger, more robust ecosystem for more tools, better capabilities and a stronger platform
  • Gives you the freedom to decide how you want your cloud
  • Drives greater industry standards
  • Increases the speed of innovation in cloud technologies

29 June, 2011, 01:00 pm CDT

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