3.3: Download it Now!

The Project yesterday just announced the availability of 3.3, see the full list of the last release.

There is a lot that is new and enhanced in 3.3. But not least, it is also simply faster, both in startup time and in overall operation. Some of the of new elements include:

* embedded standard PDF fonts
* new document security and collaboration options
* provisions for one million rows in a spreadsheet
* new options for CSV (Comma Separated Value) import in Calc
* ability to insert drawing objects in Charts
* improved slide layout handling in Impress
* a common search toolbar

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9 thoughts on “ 3.3: Download it Now!

  1. Hi Donald, not sure what your problem is with AOO 3.4, my suggestion is to join the users mailing-list and provide them with all details.

  2. I posted the following on Ana Mardoll’s Amazon thread for DragonNaturallySpeaking:

    I used Dragon quite successfully with OpenOffice Writer 3.34, but when I upgraded to version 3.4 just now, selecting doesn’t seem to be acknowledged. I know that this is not exactly on point with Ana’s discussion, but do you have any dialogue with the OOW guys? I can always try to regress to the older version, but the new version seems to load faster–then again, I may just be brainwashed. Old posts from around 2008 seem to indicate that problems like this mostly end up with finger-pointing and passing the buck.

    All I can say for sure is that the previous version of OOW let me format selected text using Dragon. The new version looks like the text was selected, but then Dragon says that I have to select some text before I can format it. I can understand if you say that Dragon has nothing to do with this problem…

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