Open Source Unconference: RomeCamp and Hybrid Open Source 

Web geeks, students and curious people gather for a two days at the RomeCamp, an recent incarnation of the ‘classical’ BarCamp offering attendees also an interesting conference session.

On Friday morning Luca De Biase chaired a thoughtful opening session welcoming the lot of us with keynotes from Alberto Castelvecchi introducing “publishing 2.0“, Salvo Mizzi speaking of the  Ten-Year Forecast Program of the Institute for the Future and Carlo Alberto Pratesi stressing the importance of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Listening to Carlo Alberto Pratesi talking about how ecosystems I wish I had time to share with the audience the ideat that also industry advisors, corporate networks, and buyer networks are fundamental (e.g. Marketcetera).

RomeCamp’s organizers might consider to leave more space for opening conversations within conferences’ sessions next year, still keeping this “hybrid” format of unconferences + conferences.

My first talk held at a barcamp – Free as in Business: lucrative coopetition – was focused on the relationships between companies and communities. This time I entitled my pitch Open Source Business in a Hybrid World, mainly speaking of 4 different sources of the open source value proposition.

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