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Open Source Licensing Nirvana

Over the last weeks Alfresco, Sonatype and WaveMaker made their own decisions about licensing.

Alfresco went LGPL, Sonatype – a company with a strong Apache background – for the very first time decided to release some code under GPL, while WaveMaker dumping the AGPL in favor of Apache.

Let’s have a closer look at how – and if – these changes reflect new business directions.

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Open Source Documentation Issue: “Maven, The Definitive Guide”, the Sonatype Approach

Sonatype, the Maven company founded by his creator Jason van Zyl, recently released “Maven: The Definitive Guide“, a book available for download as a PDF and as a print book through O’Reilly.

Mark de Visser, the new appointed Sonatype’s CEO, answered few questions about the book and how it helps to grow the Maven community.

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