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SOS Open Source Reports: SpagoBI

Spagobi Summary ReportSOS Open Source analyzed SpagoBI, the Italian open source business intelligence suite developed by Engineering, one of biggest and oldest Italian IT companies.

SpagoBI is hosted at the OW2 Consortium forge, house of interesting and innovative open source projects like Funambol (see the corresponding report) and Bonitasoft.

SpagoBI code base is stable and well-commented, but it received little popular attention. The absence of books as well as the lack of case studies by third parties are among the possible causes for that.

Read the full article at SOS Open Source.

Evaluate Open Source Software

Open Source software selection starts with the creation of a short-list of open source packages, and the very next step is the evaluation of all candidates.
Read the dogfood label first.Read the dogfood label first.

Open source projects are planned, developed and maintained often using accessible Revision Control systems (e.g. Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial or SVN), Collaboration (blogs, forums, IRC channels, mailing-lists and wikis) and Tracking Systems (e.g. bugzilla, GNATS, OTRS, trac). Despite going through them all can be time-consuming, those are the primary source of information to know more about an open source project.

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