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Open Source Communities: “The Art of Community”

The Art of Community” is a book written by Jono Bacon , founder of the Community Leadership summit and brave Ubuntu community manager, to let people know the difference between creating a technological platform and managing a living community-driven ethos.

The book, a must read for everyone interested in understanding communities, has been released also under a Creative Commons license, and is backed also by an online community.  The list of praises for the book is impressive, and includes (among others): Matt Asay, Ian Murdock, Mark Hinkle and Danese Cooper.

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Jolt Awards 2009: The Open Source Winners list!

The 19th Jolt Annual Award ceremony, held at the SD WEST 2009 earlier this month, celebrated many open source winners this year, also in the books general and books technical categories.

Postgres Plus is the Jolt Winner of the Database Engines and Data Tools category, and I tend to agree with Ed Boyajian, Enterprise DB CEO, saying that the award is an indication that the software industry understands that open sources databases are an increasingly disruptive force in the enterprise market.

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Open Source Documentation Issue: “Maven, The Definitive Guide”, the Sonatype Approach

Sonatype, the Maven company founded by his creator Jason van Zyl, recently released “Maven: The Definitive Guide“, a book available for download as a PDF and as a print book through O’Reilly.

Mark de Visser, the new appointed Sonatype’s CEO, answered few questions about the book and how it helps to grow the Maven community.

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