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OpenOffice.org Call for Location, New Italian FAQ, Linpus doesn’t run OO.o 3.0: openoffice links, 2-01-2009

OpenOffice.org Conference 2009 OOoCon 2009 – The new call for location, let’s see if it will take place in Europe this year (via Simon Phipps).

1115 giorni con OpenOffice (eng.: 1115 days with OpenOffice) – The latest version of OpenOffice 3 Soluzioni a raccolta – an Italian OpenOffice.org FAQ built with the help of the community – is available for download. It covers 2089 different topic (only Italian).

New Toy or Best Friend? (talkback on Linpus) – Useful tips from a reader. Linpus servers are too slow and software, OpenOffice.org included, is not updated unfortunately.

OpenOffice.org Success: Homesteading the OpenOffice.org Noosphere

Measuring the true Success of OpenOffice.orgMichael Meeks wrote a long post about OpenOffice.org success, mostly from a development point of view. Being Michael a Novell’s employee his perspective might be considered biased, but I totally agree with his recipe:

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OpenOffice.org Migrations: Easing Medium-Large Companies’ Migrations

The market opportunity for OpenOffice.org Migrations topic took over after turning OpenOffice.org migrations into a business post, with a variety of views and perspectives.

Savio Rodrigues points out that top 2000 companies will likely end up closing a deal with Microsoft, but out of that niche he sees a business opportunity for ISVs, System Integrators and also Microsoft’s partners. Leif Lodahal, project coordinator in the Danish OpenOffice.org project, sees Sun’s absence from the Danish market as an opportunity.

The most important barriers to OpenOffice.org adoption by medium to large enterprises are the lack of system management tools, the scarce availability of enterprise applications’ integration, and the burden associated with the migration of custom applications.

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OpenOffice.org: About Turning OpenOffice.org Migrations into a Business

The OpenOffice.org Italian Association announced that OpenOffice.org in Italy broke the five million mark this year, yet another record for the Italian release of the world’s leading free and open source productivity suite.

Davide Dozza, PLIO’s president commented the result:

Back in 2006, when we started counting OOo downloads, 800,000 downloads per year was an astonishing result to us. At that stage we couldn’t even imagine that the number would have grown to 1.780.000 in 2007, and beyond five millions in 2008.

Even if the number of downloads is not an accurate measure of the market share, it definitely shows the trend.

So said, there is still a lot to do, especially in the business arena. OpenOffice.org has recently started a Business Development Project, managed by Alexandro Colorado, who recently posed questions about how to set standards for OpenOffice.org professionals.

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OpenOffice.org: OpenOffice.org, Today and Tomorrow

OpenOffice.org reached the ten millions downloads mark, a dramatic success that inspires friends and irritates enemies.

Despite converting users into customers seems still difficult for Sun, IBM started to recruit partners and raising PR interest. Savio Rodrigues, famous open source blogger and IBM employee, seems to prefer Microsoft Office 2007, just as Luis Villa does.

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