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Open Source Revenue Models: Red Hat’s Tactics and Strategies

Red Hat recently disclosed publicly a change in the way they distribute kernel patches, explaining that such decision came out in reaction to third parties (competitively) supporting RHEL.

Red Hat’s decision might be ‘debatable’ for some, while others are ok with that. The whole point to me seems to be a completely different question, though. Tactic decisions to prevent others from appropriating returns from the (Red Hat) commons are not a substitute to a (long-term) strategy focused on renewal rates, an area where Red Hat is using effective business strategies.

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Open Source Acquisitions: How a Caterpillar turns into a Butterfly

open source caterpillarBlack Duck has changed a lot over the last years – recent acquisitions include SpikeSource, Ohloh and today Olliance – and its offer now goes definitely beyond the legal landscape.

One of the first Commercial Open Source entries enlisted Black Duck among open source players taking advantage of the absence of a corporate actor to develop and offer new services not coding related.

Black Duck was an intellectual property management firm, OSRM was providing warranty services, SpikeSource was offering software dependability services and OpenLogic was providing support for a number of open source packages. Continue reading

Open Source Webinars: Nuxeo, OpenLogic, System76

Making It Your Own: Enforcing Your Enterprise Policies with Nuxeo StudioNuxeo is doing well, and is about to deliver a webinar about Nuxeo Studio, a web-based customization service for Nuxeo Enterprise Platform available only to Nuxeo Connect – Developer subscribers.
Live Demo with Q&A – April 27, 2010, 11 am ET.

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