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The Unsaid Document Foundation (more talkbacks)

“The  Unsaid Document Foundation” series is disappointingly considered “fud” from LibreOffice developers, and Michael Meeks saying (again) that I made some  good points, calls me a non-developer, probably  to infer that I am not the best person to make programming suggestions.

Commercial open source blog readers care little to know about my computer science degree, or how much code I have been writing on a PDP-11 system. Therefore I would rather spend the rest of this blog entry sharing more thoughts about LibreOffice future.

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OpenOffice.org Success: Homesteading the OpenOffice.org Noosphere

Measuring the true Success of OpenOffice.orgMichael Meeks wrote a long post about OpenOffice.org success, mostly from a development point of view. Being Michael a Novell’s employee his perspective might be considered biased, but I totally agree with his recipe:

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