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Oracle: Open Source’s Friend or Foe?

Jeremy Allison of the Samba fame wrote an interesting blog post about Sun’s approach to open source participatory development, followed by Bradley Kuhn‘s bad opinion of Oracle’s attitude towards open source.

Oracle’s plans for open source are probably not detailed enough to score, but looking at history is always instructive.

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Open Source Adoption in Italian Public Administrations: Some Real Cases

As mentioned in a previous postForumPA - the greatest Italian event of and about Public Administration – asked me to chair the only open source conference taking place in the event.

Italian and international speakers provided the audience with an insight into how to effectively deploy open source software in a significant way.

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OpenOffice.org links: 8 Extensions, Import Spreadsheet into a OOo Database, OOo Migrations

8 Essential OpenOffice Extensions – Enjoy the Writer’s tool extension, the Sun Presentation Minimizer and other six popular extensions.

How to Import Data From Spreadsheet into OpenOffice.org Database – a simple tutorial to import data in six steps.

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