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Wubi Installer and the Ubiquitous Ubuntu


Wubi, the famous Windows Ubuntu installer, is probably one of the reasons why Ubuntu is the most popular Linux desktop distro, at least among Windows users. Agostino Russo – original author and ‘inventor’ of Wubi – told me more about how everything was started from a blueprint. Continue reading

Open Source Podcasts 5-04-2009: Mifos Microfinance Platform, MuleSource, Mark Shuttleworth

Mifos on FLOSS Weekly Open Source Podcast – George Conard and Adam Monsen of the Mifos Initiative interviewed on FLOSS Weekly provide a look into the Mifos Initative.The initiative is aimed at creating and fostering an open platform for the microfinance industry. Mifos is launching is Mifos OnDemand in the Philippines.

Mulecast: A conversation with the creator of The Science Service Bus (SSB)
– Edwin Tellman, creator of The Science Service Bus talks about the SSB and who can benefits from it.

Ubuntu Podcast Interviews Mark ShuttleworthMark Shuttleworth discusses the upcoming 9.04 release, Ubuntu history, Linux on the desktop, and other stuff.