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Open Source Monitoring: Zenoss Community and Zenoss Unique Selling Proposition, an interview with Mark Hinkle

Zenoss, the provider of open source network, systems and applications management software, with its Zenoss Masters program – aimed at recognizing the contributions of outstanding members of the Zenoss Community – this week awarded Jane Curry of Skills 1st.

While at the Open Source Think Tank I met again Mark Hinkle, VP Community at Zenoss, and I asked him to tell me more about the Zenoss community days and about Zenoss unique selling points.

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Jolt Awards 2009: The Open Source Winners list!

The 19th Jolt Annual Award ceremony, held at the SD WEST 2009 earlier this month, celebrated many open source winners this year, also in the books general and books technical categories.

Postgres Plus is the Jolt Winner of the Database Engines and Data Tools category, and I tend to agree with Ed Boyajian, Enterprise DB CEO, saying that the award is an indication that the software industry understands that open sources databases are an increasingly disruptive force in the enterprise market.

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