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Innovations in Public Administration: Innovators Barcamp 2010

The Innovatori PA 2010 barcamp, now at its second edition, will take place again at the ForumPA , on the 18th of May. The aim of this unconference is to exploit in real situations sustainable innovation in public services.

The Italian innovators group, a network of over 1600 individuals willing to innovate in the public sector, is the right place to share your ideas and projects before the event.

See you there!

Open Source Offering: Facts, Fear and Affirmative Action

Open Source Offering in Italy: an Analysis of an evolving Sector” conference follow-up are addressed by Stefano Micelli on first draft blog. Stefano brings me in because of something I said at the conference, commenting a research finding saying that small firms tend not to partner with other firms.

Affirmative action is needed to enable “lucrative coopetition“, in order to reduce R&D costs and foster innovation?

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