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Evaluate Open Source Software

Open Source software selection starts with the creation of a short-list of open source packages, and the very next step is the evaluation of all candidates.
Read the dogfood label first.Read the dogfood label first.

Open source projects are planned, developed and maintained often using accessible Revision Control systems (e.g. Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial or SVN), Collaboration (blogs, forums, IRC channels, mailing-lists and wikis) and Tracking Systems (e.g. bugzilla, GNATS, OTRS, trac). Despite going through them all can be time-consuming, those are the primary source of information to know more about an open source project.

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How to Make CodePlex Sexy for Business

The mission of the CodePlex Foundation - enabling the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities – could be a roaring success. But in order to  create an open, neutral and business friendly environment first some work has to be done.

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Microsoft Open Source Strategy: CodePlex keeps Growing

Yesterday Microsoft announced that the number of projects hosted on CodePlex breached the 10,000 mark, just after CodePlex celebrated its third anniversary.

Even if numbers are not impressive compared with Google code – becoming home to over 80.000 projects in half the time – it is definitely a measure of how seriously Microsoft is taking its open source strategy.

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Open Source Adoption in Italian Public Administrations: Some Real Cases

As mentioned in a previous postForumPA - the greatest Italian event of and about Public Administration – asked me to chair the only open source conference taking place in the event.

Italian and international speakers provided the audience with an insight into how to effectively deploy open source software in a significant way.

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