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Google and Microsoft Open Source Project Hosting Policies

Fabrizio Capobianco – Funambol CEO and AGPL’s prophet and forerunner – with his recent blog entry pointed me to Chris Di Bona‘s article about Google’s decision to tolerate the AGPL, and I took the chance to make a writeup about how Google and Microsoft differ in their open source software hosting facilities.

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Open Source Government Policies

The Italian Constitutional Court recently ruled that the preference for open source software is legal, while taking out two articles from the original regional Piedmont law, actually found to interfere with the Italian copyright law and the Italian constitution.

Italian free software activists welcomed the court’s decision, others put a different interpretation. I am not a lawyer nor a constitutionalist,  and I didn’t make my mind yet on this, but I took the chance to have a look at what happens around the world.

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Open Source Licensing, Value Configuration and Key Activities

How open source licensing’s decisions are taken depend on legal issues, business strategies and costs structure.

IP lawyers as well as specialized firms are probably happy to help with the first ones, but let’s talk about the implications in the area of Value Configuration and Key activities looking at some real cases (Day Software, MySQL).

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Open Source Licensing Nirvana

Over the last weeks Alfresco, Sonatype and WaveMaker made their own decisions about licensing.

Alfresco went LGPL, Sonatype – a company with a strong Apache background – for the very first time decided to release some code under GPL, while WaveMaker dumping the AGPL in favor of Apache.

Let’s have a closer look at how – and if – these changes reflect new business directions.

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Free Open Source License Insight Conference, 16 April 2009, Seoul

On the 16th of April the Korea Software Copyright Committee (SOCOP) – a non-profit organization under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism having the mandate to promote the protection of software-related intellectual property rights – will host the Free Open Source License Insight Conference, at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel (Seoul).

The conference will start with invited talks by experts from abroad and South Korea, a panel discussion will follow. Being and invited speaker I want to thank Ms. Cho Jung-Hyun from SOCOP for her kind invitation, I am really sorry I can’t go.

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Red Hat 2009 Profits, ASP.NET MVC and the MS-PL License, Cloud Actors: links, 4-04-2009

Don’t worry about Red Hat’s 2009 profit declineSavio Rodrigues keeps analyzing Red Hat’s profits, and highlighting that one-third of Red Hat’s profit comes from activities outside of its core business.

Microsoft releases ASP.NET MVC under the MS-PL License
Miguel de Icaza replying to comments explains why MS-PL incompatibility with GPL code is not an issue within C# and ASP.NET code.

Maintenance Woes Handicap Microsoft’s Azure – Billy Marshall’s, CEO of rPath, essay on cloud actors. Read also Javier Soltero’s thoughts.