Version Control by Example, by Eric Sink

Version Control by Example CoverOver the last few days I have been reading Eric Sink‘s “Version Control by Example“, a book providing all relevant, amusing and pragmatic information about both centralized (Subversion) and decentralized version control systems (Git, Mercurial and last but not least Veracity).

I really enjoyed reading it, it explains the nuts and bolts of all these (Distributed) Version Control Systems, in a simple and effective way. It’s worth reading if you’re deep into any of them, and you want to know more about other ones too.

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One thought on “Version Control by Example, by Eric Sink

  1. Did this give you any insight into how ODF files could be managed in a distributed VCS?

    People around the country have to give feedback on documents that my team creates, and my team is constantly updating documents. The logistics of version control has become a nightmare. Having some experience in the Ruby on Rails community, I keep coming back to the GIT concept, but ODF files are binary and don’t benefit from the strengths that GIT brings to the table (e.g., diffs, branches, merges).

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